Welcome to the Minding Your Money Minute Podcast with Patricia Stallworth
14th August 2018

Welcome to the Minding Your Money Minute!

We talk money. How it works…How to manage it…How to make it work for you. Join us each weekday for a new episode. Listen and subscribe to the Minding Your Money Minute on:

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Having a wealthy mindset means checking your money biases at the door. Money biases are those pesky attitudes, behaviors, and thoughts that limit your ability to prosper and grow.

You know the best laid plans can quickly go astray if you don’t have a safety net in place to help you overcome obstacles along the way.

It’s Monday and I have a question. Is your money working for you? Today on the minute – two money rules that can make you money.

Our word this week is the IRA. I chose IRA because it is a great tool to help your build a retirement nest egg. Anyone who has earned income is eligible to put money into an IRA.

About Minding Your Money

Tune in each weekday for money tips, tools and strategies to take control of your money life. This is so important to me because there was a time in my life when I didn’t mind my money and I paid a huge price for that – a price that I would like to help others avoid.
The problem is many of us don’t always make the best decisions regarding our money. We get confused. We get scared. We get carried away in the moment. We hand off the responsibility to someone else. And, sometimes we just plain old ignore it.
A lot of how we feel and behave around money is because most of us (me included) never received any formal training in money management when we were growing up – so essentially we are self-taught. Sure we all learned lots of ways to make money in school, but not how to manage what we made to create the life that we wanted.
But that’s the past. I’ve since cracked the code and it’s surprisingly simple. So, each weekday, I share a tip, a tool, a strategy or something that makes it easier for you to feel more comfortable taking of minding your money.
Remember, if you don’t mind your money, someone else will and then they will control your future!

About Patricia Stallworth

Patricia is the creator and the host of the ‘Minute.’ She has over 20 years’ experience in business and personal finance. Prior to starting her own firm she worked in an advisory or consulting capacity with several firms including Deloitte & Touche, American Express Financial Advisors and AXA Financial Advisors. And, she is a past instructor in the CFP® and CDFA Programs.

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